Parkland shooting survivors speak to NJ students

NEWARK, N.J. —Two survivors of the Parkland massacre and brought their push for stricter gun laws to New Jersey students in a packed Science Park High School auditorium.

But first they talked about what they lived through last Valentine’s Day, mesmerizing the other young people about what they witnessed.

“I heard the shots being fired,” Alfonso Calderon, a Parkland shooting survivor, told the other high school students, “We were all pushed into a ten food closet, 60 of us...I knew from that moment on I would do whatever I could to change the gun laws of this country.”

“This is not a moment, but a movement," Jaclyn Corin, another Parkland shooting survivor, told PIX11.

Calderon is a founder of the March For Our Lives Committee. Corin is a leader of the trip of 100 classmates to the Florida state capital and the #NeverAgainMovement.

“We thought it would be good to engage our students in this dialogue,” Newark School Superintendent Robert Gregory said.

And to the students from Newark, the surrounding communities and New York City, this is just the beginning.

First, a student led convention on gun violence and now the search for a national solution.

“I would like to see people open their eyes. We are not trying to take away guns except when they are used against our own common population," Newark High School student Isthian Thomas told PIX11.