Hundreds attend NYC March for Science

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NEW YORK — Hundreds of New Yorkers participated in Satuday's March for Science, a global push to celebrate and protect the role of science in government and in life.

Attendees first turned out at the rally in NYC Saturday at Washington Square Park, then marched with signs about two-miles to Zucotti Park in Lower Manhattan.

“I wanted to come here to lend my support to science," Daniel Ucko, a scientist at the march, told PIX11.

Environmental activists like Bill Ulfelder, the Executive Director of The Nature Conservancy of NY, also marched.

“Our health, our prosperity, our happiness and our safety depends on science. It’s fundamental," Ulfelder said. “At the nature conservancy, we’re using science to think about how we can clean the water on LI and NYC."

Marchers advocated for a variety of issues.

“I’m here because we need evidence based policies to fight the war on drugs and end overdoses," Sheila Vakhariaa, who’s with the Drug Policy Alliance, said.

Teachers took part too.

“It starts with early childhood and I think if you can instill positive experiences in young children with nature then they will care more about it later in,” pre-school teacher Jenna Sclafani said.

“I think we need to educate a new generation to make decisions based on education, facts and science, rather than making decisions on superstitions," Eric Olson, a math teacher, told PIX11.

Organizers are encouraging those who care about science and preserving the environment to vote for politicians who support science.

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