Riders consider new modes of transportation in NYC

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Trains and cars aren't the only ways to get around New York City.

As issues with transit and congestion continue, riders and commuters are looking to other options.

You'll see skateboards on the streets and ferries are increasing in popularity as more routes are being added.

NYC officials report the number of bicyclists has more than tripled in the past few years. Last week, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio clarified rules for pedal-assisted "E-bikes." The bikes, which run on some battery power, are street legal if they do not exceed 20 miles per hour.

EnterĀ Onewheel.

A company in California designs and manufactures the vehicle. Although these type of motorized skateboards are not permitted now due to New York State law, company representatives say the times are changing.

Jack Mudd with Onewheel gave PIX11 News Reporter Greg Mocker a look at the conveyance near Riverside Park.