Serial scammer arrested at Newark Airport: Port Authority police

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NEWARK, N.J. — A serial scammer who targeted people at airports was arrested at Newark Airport on Thursday, Port Authority police said.

Police said Michael Borovetz scammed several airport passengers before he was arrested at Newark Airport (Port Authority Police).

Detectives said Michael Borovetz, 43, approached a man at baggage claim inside Terminal B at Newark Airport on Tuesday, claimed his flight was cancelled and that he needed $200 for a hotel room. Borovetz told the man he would return the money, according to police. After the man gave him the money, he became suspicious and notified Port Authority.

Detectives arrested Borovetz, who is from Pennsylvania, around 4:45 p.m. at the Newark Airport Marriott on Thursday and charged him with theft by deception.

Port Authority detectives investigated and determined that Borovetz had done the same thing to another man at Newark Airport in June 2017 and had never returned the money. Detectives found similiar reports where Borovetz would buy a refundable ticket to gain access to the secure area of the airport, pretend to miss his flight, ask someone to lend him $200 and promise to pay them back. He would then use the victim’s business card in the next scam, claiming to have a job interview with them.

Borovetz was arrested at a North Carolina airport in 2014 for scamming several  passengers in a similiar manner, according to the Charlotte Observer. Police told the publication that Borovetz has prior felony convictions for forgery and burglary and has been arrested in 10 states.

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