Train cars filled with feces from New York, New Jersey are stinking up southern towns

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Right now, 10 million pounds of northern poo are rotting in an Alabama rail yard. The train cars loaded with sewage are coming from wastewater treatment plants in New York and New Jersey.

"Imagine sewage with manure,” said Tammi Taylor of Adamsville, Alabama. “It smells like death.”

Taylor lives in the Alabama town where a landfill has been accepting the foul smelling cargo. She says the smell stretches for miles. Complaints have been accruing online for months.

"The community is pretty upset,” said Taylor. “I never thought when New York flushed their toilet, we didn’t expect the poop running in our backyards."

Big Sky Environmental has held a permit for year to take up to 25,000 tons of our waste per day at the local landfill.

But people who live nearby say there’s been a back up. Complaints coming in say the sludge isn’t being loaded off of the trains and into the landfill, instead it’s rotting in rail cars in 80-degree weather.

“I’m praying that these people are held accountable,” said Taylor.

PIX11 did contact Big Sky for comment.

Local lawmakers have reportedly contacted the company but no word on when the foul trains will be moved or if they’ll continue coming.

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