The public interactive art display that’s caught the eye of people and tourists in NYC

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NEW YORK—In the middle of all this…. there's this.

An interactive public art display smack in the middle of one of the busiest streets in Manhattan.

The exhibit, called “Loop”, is made up of six large cylinders you can sit in.

They light up and show fairytale-inspired movies with a little help from people on the street.

"This is like a gift to the city of New York and to the visitors. It's something for people passing through, something to do," Jerry Scupp, from the Garment District Alliance, said.

Created by two artists from Canada, Loop has been on display in the Garment District at Broadway and 37th Street since February.

It’s been so popular on social media, that the city decided to keep it an extra week!

"Its made for instagram. Look, you can just enjoy it , people who are walking by want a quick photo, they love it," Scupp said.

Kids, both young and old.

"We saw these beautiful loops and then we tried, we saw some people doing the same thing we’re trying to do," one passerby said.

"We’re sort of pushing the bar back and forth so we can make a movie. It's about this house and the top of the house is blowing off because its windy and then the pig is just blowing around," a tourist named Amelie said.

"These are open 24/7. They're free, there's nobody, no instructions, just come over and interact. In a city that’s highly commercialized, this is art. It's just for the people. It's just for you, Mr. G, to come over, sit down, take a ride and enjoy the show," Scupp said.

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