Howard on the case of Brooklyn arson

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BROOKLYN — Prudence Richards and her family have owned a home on E. 49th St. in Brooklyn for 40 years. Not anymore.

In the middle of the night on March 8, an arsonist torched the place while Prudence was sleeping upstairs along with one of her daughters and two grandchildren. They were lucky to make it out.

“I was just in a daze trying to figure out where this smoke is coming from,” Prudence told me. “I was walking around trying to turn the kitchen light on. That’s where the majority of the smoke was coming from.”

You can see that Prudence is still traumatized.

Another one of her daughters, Daina Williams, is trying to organize help and support. She’s started a GoFundMe page because the family didn’t have fire insurance in effect. The house is a total loss. They’ve lost everything and must start all over.

I got a look inside. I saw where the fire acelerant was tossed. Right through a kitchen window where the stove and gas line are. It appears the arsonist knew what he was doing.

Daina Williams thinks someone in the family might even be involved.

”Well, there’s a family member who was living here at the time and is involved with a few issues and it possibly could be related. I’m not sure. The fire marshal thinks that there are.”

Howard: “Gang related? Drug related?

Daina: “Both.”

Take a look at the video. You can see the arsonist at work. Maybe someone will have an idea that will help identify the person.

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