Two Teams, One Station: A look at PIX11’s baseball campaigns throughout the years

Posted: 12:00 PM, Apr 03, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-03 12:00:26-04

GO YANKEES! Here’s a blast from the past — original WPIX Archives coverage of the 1978 Yankees World Series Ticker Tape Parade, which took place almost 40 years ago.

Hey, New York Yankees fans, remember this rockin’ tune from the early 1990s? It’s still pretty catchy. Now that the Yanks have come home to PIX, maybe we should bring it back?

It’s still pretty cold in New York, so we need to think spring! A WPIX Archives New York Yankees commercial from 1983 is just what the doctor ordered! Who’s ready for baseball?

The Scooter makes the pitch— and it’s NOT for The Money Store! We love this May 1980 ad for New York Yankees merchandise hosted by Phil Rizzuto. Just send $2 to a P.O. Box in the Bronx to get the booklet. Times have changed!

Yogi Berra will always be known as a New York Yankees great, but his years with the New York Mets were historic, too. Here, coach Yogi looks on as Tom Seaver warms up in the bullpen. Listen to the roar of the LaGuardia jets up above in this vintage film from the WPIX Archives.

Everyone was talking about it, and it was only hours away — Game 7 of the World Series on Oct. 27, 1986. Would the New York Mets become World Champions for the first time since 1969? Here’s an awesome look from the WPIX Archives of New York on that day, just hours before the Amazin’s made history.

It’s 1986 and the New York Mets have just won the World Series. Here is amazin’ WPIX Archives footage from inside the locker room from the night of Oct. 27, 1986. Keith Hernandez, Dwight Gooden, Darryl Strawberry — they’re all there, and so is Mayor Ed Koch, who gets doused with — what else — Champagne! Enjoy this amazing moment — and believe it will happen again for our beloved Mets! #LGM

THE ’86 METS! On October 28, 1986, New York Mets fans woke up in an Amazin’ mood — the Mets had just won the World Series against the Boston Red Sox hours earlier! Later that day, millions headed to the ticker-tape parade in lower Manhattan. Step back in time with the WPIX Archives to that wonderful day in New York.