Dreams transform into reality at Williamsburg’s immersive Instagram experience ‘Dream Machine’

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WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn — New York City may be the city that never sleeps — but you'll want to live out your dreams with this new, immersive experience in Williamsburg.

Ever wonder what it's like to float on a cloud? Eat cotton candy in a galactic infinity? Sink into a ball pit that feels like a calming pool?

All of this can become a reality at Dream Machine, an interactive pop-up art exhibit opening April 5. It's described as being a surrealist playground that taps into our desire to experience the childlike wonder of our dreams during waking hours.

Founders Paige Solomon and Gary Johnson worked together previously at an experiential agency, where they created pop-up spaces for brands like Netflix, Instagram, Uber and Pinterest. Now, they have combined their expertise and vision to create their own dream — Dream Machine.

They agree this experience is the closest you'll ever get to walking through your dreams and remembering them afterwards.

Inspired by Refinery's 29 Rooms and the Ice Cream Museum, each room is interactive and very Instagram-worthy. The self-guided journey will take you through 10 dream-inspired rooms designed to mimic a sleep cycle.

But Solomon and Johnson say they want the experience to be more than just a cool photo for social media — but actually a place you want to stay.

After floating through the dreamy "Cloud 9" room, popping magical bubbles in the next room, and dreaming in black and white (as many people do), you'll find yourself in a very New York staple — the laundromat.

But this one is special. And surreal. Just like your dreams.

You'll be handed cotton candy by a Dream Technician as you bask in the neon pink glow of the room, lined with coin-operated washing machines. Open one of the machines and step into a secret infinity space, inspired by Yayoi Kusama’s famed Infinity Rooms.

The dream continues to sweep you off your feet and right into a whimsical ball pit that mimics a swimming pool. Jump in and relive your childhood days or relax and feel like you're floating in water.

"Once you get in there, you'll never want to leave," Solomon said.


From there, the dream isn't quite over. But you'll have to see it for yourself.

"We want you to be able to take whatever it is you dream of into the outside world and make it a reality," Solomon said. "If you can dream it you can do it, no dream is too small or too big."

If the New York show is a success, Solomon and Johnson hope to take their show on the road, making others' dreams come true.

"I think we all need a little escape from reality," Solomon said. "I just hope you walk out of here inspired to live your dreams and take on whatever makes you feel amazing."

The exhibit is open Thursday, April 5-Thursday, May 31, at 93 N. 9th Street, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Tickets are on sale for $38 at showclix.com

For more information, visitdreammachine.com.

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