Howard gets his message through closed door

QUEENS — Jaclin Osan admits she’s been too trusting.

She responded to an ad on and liked a place in Queens. A guy she knew as Jason showed it to her. His real name is actually Joe Chyla. He was associated with a real estate brokerage called Incmobilia. Being so trusting, Jaclin gave Jason a $1,900 deposit. Cash.

But soon afterwards, Jaclin says Jason told her the landlord wanted a year’s rent up front. She decided she wanted her deposit back. Jason/Joe told her Incmobilia had the money. And Incmobilia gave her a run around. She says a woman named Michelle Wiser told her Jason didn’t work for Incmobilia.

So, she got in touch with the head of the company. But it was more run around.

“Gave him a week. Never heard from him,” Jaclin told me. “Kept texting him. Calling him. Finally, I call him from other people’s phone’s. They hear my voice they just hang up.”

So, she got in touch with me and we went to Incmobilia’s Park Avenue South address looking for Michelle. We spotted her, but she fled into an office. Through the door she denied she was Michelle.

But Jaclin knew her voice from the phone.

“Aren’t you ashamed of yourself, Michelle?” Jaclin asked her.

I left my card and we left the building. But the visit worked. The very next day Jaclin got her money back.