Creative, bizarre hats fill Fifth Avenue for annual Easter parade

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NEW YORK — It’s organized chaos on Fifth Avenue for the annual Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival with no rules, no direction and actually no march up the avenue.

It’s just hats galore: creative, ingenuous, colorful and even bizarre.

It’s bigger and better than the Irving Berlin song of the 1930s, Easter Parade, or the 1940s movie of the same name.

The actual New York City Easter Parade dates back even before, to the 1870s, and has grown in numbers and originality.

But inconceivable back then were hats depicting skyscrapers, goats eating the peeps off of costumes or a pirate ship chapeau with bunnies and carrots.

“This is an Easterized pirate ship with little carrots for sails, eggs with pirate faces and little bunnies everywhere,” Eduardo Escobar, thd hat’s designer told PIX11.

Or a fascinating hat that has a hidden Fascinator hat on top.

Some people PIX11 sees here year after year. DJ Jeff Yahney even brought this reporter a hat and glasses this year.

“The greatest place to be in New York right on Easter is on Fifth Avenue,” Yahney told PIX11.

A family of eggheads, the Faccis of Brooklyn spent months and months working on their headgear.

“We saved almost a year all these clear eggs cartons,” Dianna Facci, the hats’ creator told PIX11. “Each hat has 72 eggs."

But my absolute favorite were these rescue chihuahuas and a Pomeranian wearing easter bonnets and sunglasses, they didn’t seem to mind and their owners had a message:

“Rescues make great pets so go out there and adopt a rescue,” one of them said, bonnets securely on both creatures, human and canine.

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