Video: Cheetah targets safari group, jumps into vehicle

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SERENGETY, Tanzania — A safari tour took a dangerous and horrifying turn when cheetahs targeted a vehicle, and one even jumped inside, video of the incident that was released Thursday shows.

Britton Hayes and his uncle, who filmed the ordeal, were on safari in Tanzania when CNN reports three cheetas targeted the land cruiser they were in.

Video shows one cheetah walking on the vehicle’s hood, at times pausing to look out over its surroundings, as a second  cheetah jumps inside the cruiser.

That cheetah investigates the backseat, sniffs the area and chews part of a seat as Hayes is seen remaining still, apparently paralyzed with fear.

Then the cheetahs take off.

Hayes said not moving, making noise and avoiding eye contact with the cheetahs kept him safe, and he told CNN he credits his tour guide with helping him stay calm.

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