Police say ‘pepperoni pizza’ is not code for ‘send help’ when calling 911

A myth involving 911 calls and pizza is making the rounds on social media. Police want to stop you from making a mistake.

The rumor is that you can call 911 and ask for a pepperoni pizza and dispatchers will know you actually need help.

It isn’t clear where the idea started that “pepperoni pizza” is a secret code for “send help.”

But authorities say it’s bogus, and simply not true.

However, police say dispatchers are trained to think outside the box and will listen to what the caller may be trying to say.

The Los Angeles Police Department posted the following:

“Communications has seen this graphic circulating on various social media channels. This is false. Text to 911 is a much better option. Your exact location & the nature of your emergency is what’s needed to send the right resources.”

The Bremer County Sheriff’s office is another that responded to the fake pizza story.

“Calling 911 and asking for a pepperoni pizza is not some secret-squirrel, coded message that tells the call-taker that you are in trouble,” the department wrote in a statement. “Asking for pineapple on your pizza does not mean that someone has a weapon. Besides, pineapple never goes on pizza! No, never. This is an indisputable fact. #SorryNotSorry. Asking how long the delivery will take, will not give you an estimated time for the deputy’s arrival.”