Mom of sick toddler angry to learn lead is in walls of her NYCHA home after she was told there wasn’t any

FORT GREENE, Brooklyn — A mom of three knew there was an invisible danger inside her NYCHA home and called the city repeatedly, begging them to check for lead.

Devon Hunt's 3-year-old son started to get sick. But she says city officials she spoke to told her that any lead that had been in the walls of her Ingersoll Houses apartment had been removed.

They said that the building had been already cleared of any lead

“You try to protect your kids from what’s going on outside," she said. "You never think the danger is inside, on your walls."

It was there. Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered his state health inspectors to randomly check for lead two weeks ago. One of governor’s state health inspection teams found lead inside Hunt's apartment.

“I’m so relieved," she said. "Angry, but relieved to know what it is finally."

NYCHA is being sued over the lead. Groups filed Monday to get the city to do mass re-inspections within the next 90 days.

“The problem is in every development in our city,” attorney Jacki Rogoff said.
A NYCHA spokesperson tells us this,

“While built pre-1960, testing at the development nearly two decades ago ruled out lead-based paint in the units. We conducted our own recent test separate from the state’s and are reviewing the two sets of results.”

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