New Jersey Assembly advances bills to toughen gun laws

TRENTON, N.J. — The New Jersey Assembly voted to approve six gun bills this afternoon that would make it tougher to get a concealed carry permit; limit ammunition rounds; and allow a family member to file a report for one’s gun rights to be stripped, among other measures.

The Assembly’s action comes just 48 hours after thousands of the youngest New Jerseyans marched on Newark and other cities across the state to demand stricter gun laws at the federal level.

New Jersey already has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, but if the Senate decides to approve the bills passed today in the Assembly, Governor Phil Murphy has vowed to sign them.

“I agree with what the constitution says, that we all have the right to defend ourselves,” said Matt Ricciardi, a gun rights advocate. “This gun control measure does not do anything to keep kids safe, in fact it makes it far worse.”

Members of Moms Demand Action were also present for today’s vote.

“I think common sense gun laws are most important given the current climate,” said a mother of two. "I want to be sure when my son goes to school that he comes home safe and sound.”

The bills passed today by the assembly would:

- (A1217) Make it possible for a family or household member to file a report to get someones gun rights stripped if there is evidence of a threat.
- (A1181) Guns could also be seized if a health care professional deems a patient a threat.
- (A2757) Background checks would be required for private gun sales.
- (A2759) Body-armor piercing bullets would be banned.
- (A2761) Max ammunition would go from 15 to 10 rounds.
- (A2758) Concealed carry permit would be tougher to get. An applicant would need to show specific cause - a prior attack or threat - for why they need to carry a handgun.