NY pledges $550M for ‘public safety emergency’ in NYCHA: Cuomo

HARLEM, Manhattan — Gov. Andrew Cuomo slammed New York City’s handling of public housing and pledged $550 million — which he says is the largest commitment in the state’s history — for NYCHA during a Sunday speech in Harlem.

Cuomo has visited NYCHA several times in recent weeks. He’s called what’s going on there a public emergency caused by bureaucracy and racial and economic inequality.

“This week is all about getting the legislature to act and I want radical change in public housing,” he said. “I keep going back to public housing because I want those pictures on TV and I want New Yorkers to see how we are having New Yorkers live. I believe if New Yorkers knew what was going on in public housing, they would not stand for it.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio has called out Cuomo for using his visits to NYCHA as photo-ops. A mayoral spokesperson said Cuomo is lying about public housing.

“We understand the Governor’s obsession with the Mayor has prevented him from learning how NYCHA funding works, but the truth is NYCHA is spending hundreds of millions of dollars each year to fill the hole left by state and federal underinvestment,” the spokesperson said. “Instead of lying about the facts to feed his political obsession, the Governor should give NYCHA tenants the money he has promised and refuses to deliver.”​