Family searches for missing stuffed bunny on the Upper East Side

UPPER EAST SIDE — As a pedestrian in New York City, there are signs everywhere you look, but it’s not everyday where you see a “Missing stuffed bunny” sign.

A sign on a pole in Lenox Hill is calling for a stuffed bunny to come home.

So how did Mr. Cottontail end up on the MIA?

“I went to my grandma’s house while bringing the bunny, and I forgot it there. When my grandma was bringing it back, she either dropped the bunny or she left it at the bank,” said Michaela Athanasakopoulos.

That would be the Citibank at 71st street and First avenue.

“She cried for like four nights straight,” said Michaela’s dad, Georgios.

“I don’t usually take them to her house, but it just happened that I had the idea to take them, which now I don’t think is a very smart idea,” the six-year-old said.

Now at bedtime, Michaela is missing her friend, George the bunny.

Some families might have given up, but Michaela’s started hanging signs like all around the neighborhood.

Just to be clear the bunny pictured is George’s friend, Daphne — She photographed better.

“Well you see all the signs for the missing actual animals and people’s number and rewards, I figured I’d give it a shot,” said her dad.

Since then they’ve gotten several calls about the toy from helpful New Yorkers.

PIX11 reached out to Citibank for any sign of the bunny. Unfortunately, he still hasn’t been found.

But thanks to Michaela, George might just make it out in the concrete jungle.

“She had been doing superhero training for her two bunnies. He had only gotten one superpower. But we think that’ll help him if he’s still out there,” said Michaela's mom, Lena.

“Extra strength,” the hopeful six-year-old said.

If you see the floppy hare, there’s a number on the sign to call.

And the family is offering a reward.