‘Right to disconnect’: Proposal seeks to legally protect workers’ ability to unplug after hours

NEW YORK — A New York City Council proposal would protect private-sector employees who don't want to get work emails and phone calls after hours.

The Wall Street Journal says Councilman Rafael Espinal introduced the bill Thursday. A fellow Democrat, Diane Savino, is working on a similar proposal for the state legislature.

Espinal's legislation is modeled after a "Right to Disconnect" law passed in France last year.

His legislation would make it illegal for an employer with more than 10 workers to require employees to access work-related communications outside of normal work hours.

It also would prohibit employers from taking action against employees for not responding.

Employers could face a fine of at least $250 each time they do not comply, the New York Times reports.

Business groups say the measure is too broad and would overly burden employers.