NJ police try to lasso runaway bull in the snow

A bull escaped in Howell on Wednesday. An officer tried to lasso the bull with a cord in his emergency go-bag. (Howell Police Department)

HOWELL, NJ — A police officer attempted to lasso an escaped bull in a New Jersey town with a parachute cord Wednesday, officials said.

Patrolman John Louhier responded to reports of a loose bull on Oak Glen Road Wednesday morning around 7:15 a.m., police said. He grabbed a cord from his emergency go-bag to wrangle the bull and used a utility pole as a barrier between him and the 500 pound, horned animal.

“I think he quickly realized this idea was bull?$&@!,” the township police department wrote in a Facebook post.

Police say the lasso attempt “didn’t work out in the officer’s favor.”

The bull was eventually wrangled and safely returned to its caretaker. Wednesday’s nor’easter broke a section of fence at the bull’s home, allowing it to escape.

“The chief admires the versatility of our officers and their ability to adapt to any situation,”  police spokesman Christian Antunez said.