Cuomo won’t sign state budget without fix for NYCHA

NEW YORK — New York's budget needs to include real remedies for the New York City Housing Authority to pass muster this year.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo pledged Thursday not to sign the state's budget if it didn't improve the situation in NYCHA, where residents have dealt with heating and lead problems, among other issues. Lawmakers have until April 1 to come up with a budget that helps tenants.

"This hand will not sign the state budget unless there is a real remedy that is going to make the repairs at NYCHA and make them in real time," Cuomo said. "No more talking. No more bureaucracy. No more politicians covering the rear end of other politicians. It's time to get results for the tenants of NYCHA."

Another lawsuit against NYCHA  was also announced Thursday. The Citywide Council of Presidents and At-Risk Community Services will file a preliminary injunction with the court on Friday, requiring NYCHA to comply with its legal obligations to perform lead inspections of certain apartments where young children live within 90 days.

Cuomo has visited NYCHA buildings several times in recent weeks. He's asked state to invest an additional $250 million and has also called on President Donald Trump to provide additional funding.

"President Trump says he wants to make America great again," Cuomo said. "Let President Trump come and visit these houses and let him tell me, that he made American great again."

Mayor Bill de Blasio has called on Cuomo to put his money where his mouth is. He's said he believes Cuomo is using the visits to NYCHA as photo-ops and isn't sure the state will actually make sure NYCHA gets the money it needs.

"I think that’s great, if it’s real. But I have seen a lot of bait and switches out of Albany," he said. "So, I’m not going to be fooled. It’s great if we ever see the money."