Chief Nilda Irizarry Hofmann becomes first Hispanic woman in NYPD promoted to three-star chief

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THE BRONX — Chief Nilda Hofmann is a familiar face in her Bronx neighborhood and she's making history as the first Hispanic woman appointed three-star chief within the NYPD.

Hofmann joined the department in 1987 as a civilian. Three years later, she was a rookie cop and that was the beginning of her history-making. She was one of only four female officers at the 43rd Precinct in the Bronx.

Hofmann came up through the ranks doing several tours in at the 23rd, 25th, 43rd and 44th precincts as sergeant, lieutenant, captain, commanding officer and now a three-star chief.

“It is so amazing to hold this position," she said. "When I was coming up, I didn’t have anyone to look to in the department but now women are doing this. I am here."

The chief’s mission is to focus on young people in the community. PIX11 News caught up with her at a school in Brooklyn where she was talking to students who are a part of an NYPD mentorship program.

“What are you working on?” the chief asked them.

About a dozen students shared their stories and ideas.

Hofmann is inspiring so many, not only in the NYPD, but in the community as well. Her vision for the department lies in the next generation.

"We want all interactions between our police officers and the community to be positive," she said.

The department’s practice under Neighborhood Policing is very important to Hoffmann and after 27 years in law enforcement, Hofmann feels great reward will come from investing in young people.

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