Springtime snow? 4th nor’easter could hit just as season changes

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NEW YORK — The first day of spring may be around the corner, but it is expected to be met with yet another wintery storm likely to dump rain, and possibly even heavy, wet snow across the tri-state area.

The nice, bright, sunny weekend weather will continue into part of Monday.  Daytime temperatures will still be a bit below normal though, with highs in the 40s.

Spring begins on Tuesday on the calendar but, as for the weather, winter is going to hang on.

A potential storm, which would become the fourth nor'easter this month, is expected to impact the area with rain, snow and wind Tuesday into Wednesday.

While the storm is still a couple days away, the latest information is showing  that the southern trend has stopped and, if anything, the track of this fourth nor'easter is now closer to our region once again.

This is not the final solution to this developing system, but as of Sunday evening, it increases the threat of snow and rain.

The National Weather Service on Monday also warned of the coastal storm, "with a growing concern for heavy, wet snow on Wednesday across a portion of the area."

We'll also have to watch the strength of the storm because if it does become strong like the previous three, we'll also have to deal with strong winds and possible coastal flooding at high tide.

Besides position and strength, there are other factors that must be taken into account.

It is hard to get snow to stick to main roads in March because there is a higher sun angle, the days are now longer and surface temperatures may be too warm. Colder grassy areas and car tops would be the first to get any accumulation. Rain may mix in along the coast as well. Although all of this depends on the position and track of the storm, so we will watch it closely.

The second half of the week will be quieter but still chilly. Unfortunately, there are no signs of warm, spring weather in the near future.

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