Is Banksy back in Brooklyn?

BROOKLYN — The elusive artist known as Banksy may be back again.

If so, it’s one sign New Yorkers are always happy to see.

This time, there’s even more mystery framing the newly appearing art.

In Brooklyn, locals spotted two murals seemingly created by the British graffiti artist in Midwood on Friday.

This stenciled work shows a man wearing a suit and construction hat, waving a whip that looks just like a line graph at scampering children and adults.

The second, a seal balancing an orange ball on top of its nose.

Locals say you can find it at a nearby by gas station that’s closed down.

They also claim the ball is not actually a Banksy original.

The site used to be a gas station, and the ball was a part of the Mobil gas station logo.

But can you bank on these new tags being Banksy works?

His fans say yes! For sure they belong to him.

However, the pieces have yet to be posted on Banksy’s Instagram account — That’s how the artist takes credit for his work.

When Banksy returned last week with a rat running up the clock in the West Village, Instagram post got more than 100,000 likes.

And 70-foot-long mural in Lower Manhattan had street art fans searching for more.

These are the first sightings from the artist in years; He seemed to be taking up residency on buildings painting everything from birds to balloons.

Then, there were actual balloons — all across the city.