Westchester siblings breathe new life into the centuries old sport of squash

BRIARCLIFF MANOR—Meet the Westchester siblings who are dominating the court and bringing new life to a nearly 200 year old sport of squash.

They're not champions just yet, but they aspire to be one day.

That’s Caleb and Isabel Schumacher.

Both are students at Briarcliff Manor High School.

They got into the sport, thanks to some gentle nudging by their dad.

"My dad played college squash. He really wanted us to get into it and about 8 years ago he pulled us out onto the court," Caleb Schumacher said.

"And I kept dragging till they started to want to come on their own," their father, Michael Schumacher added.

They grew such a love for squash, they helped form a team at their high school and now compete in the Fairwest Squash League, which is the largest public high school league in the U.S..

Being a competitive athlete myself, I decided to give it a few swings.

But first, the warm up:

You gotta walk in the right way, like you own the place.

Second, make sure to hit the ball away from yourself.

And play all four walls of the court.

After dominating Caleb, I took on Isabel.

"Did I beat you? Cause when you get older you forget whether you beat someone or not," I asked.

"I think you may be one of the greatest squash players of all time," Caleb said.

"I agree with him! You’re a very talented squash player you know you may have a gift," Isabel Schumacher added.

Did I mention they’re smart too?

Both teens hope to continue to play squash on the college level and would love to see the sport expand across the U.S..

"I think the squash court teaches us a lot of valuable lessons, work hard, focus and things go your way," Schumacher said.

I wonder if they let me win.

"I was trying as hard as I possibly could," Caleb said.

"Never, I would never do that to you Mr. G," Isabel added.

These are my friends for life.