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Upper East Side man, kicked out by his frightened mom, camps out in her hallway — and fed-up landlord sues

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UPPER EAST SIDE, Manhattan — A man who set up camp in the hallways of his mother’s Upper East Side building after she kicked him out is being sued by the landlord for allegedly terrorizing tenants.

Nancy McPhail, 71, took out an order of protection against her son, court documents show. She and her son, Steven McPhail, who’s in his 50s, got into loud arguments in the York Avenue apartment for several years before she made him leave, according to the lawsuit. But he didn’t go far — he began to sleep in a box in the hallways of the building.

Landlord Robert Galpern sued this week to get rid of him; he wants McPhail to stay a at least two miles away from the building and pay damages.

“Plaintiff asked Steven to stop trespassing, loitering and littering in the buildings,” the suit says. “He was asked to seek shelter with friends or family or at a shelter home. However, to present date, Defendant ignores all of Plaintiff’s wishes and continues to illegally enter the subject properties and interfere with the quiet enjoyment and use of the tenant’s respective apartments.”

McPhail apparently lurks outside the building so he can follow people in, court documents show. The suit alleges he urinates in the hallway and stairway and keeps garbage there. Tenants have complained that McPhail has taken their mail and packages.

“Tenants at the subject properties are so scared of Defendant that they are now threatening the landlord to withhold rent because they have to live in constant fear,” the suit says. “They often times avoid leaving their apartments at night so they don’t have to run into the Defendant.”

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