News Closeup: Bullying in schools and online; the healing power of laughter

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About 160,000 children and teenagers stay home from school every day in the U.S. because they are afraid of being bullied. The problem has reached near epidemic proportions with the onset of cyber bullying and the consequences for these children can be tragic.

Marvin Scott speaks to Titania Jordan, the chief parenting officer of Bark, an online monitoring system that is credited with helping to prevent the suicide of 25 children and teenagers.

Then, research has proven that laughter and a positive attitude contribute to good health. Marvin Scott speaks to Barbara Grapstein, co-founder of the nonprofit organization Healing Headbands, which aims to promote the use of humor and laughter to improve one’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Also joining us will be Marvin Scott's son, Steven Scott, who is a professional comedian. Steven has appeared on “America’s Got Talent” and at comedy clubs across the nation.

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