NYCHA website designed to help tenants report problems has glitches of its own

The New York City Housing Authority has a new and improved website.

They call it their “outage dashboard” at

It’s supposed to automatically update multiple times each day and include more information for you - all in the name of transparency. But the organization didn't share much when it was launched.

“I didn’t know about it,” Maria Forbes, the tenant Association President of the Clay Avenue Houses, said.

She wasn't the only one with problems.
“The City needs to look transparency up in the dictionary,” Daniel Barber, the president of all tenant associations for NYCHA, said.

A spokesperson for the New York City Housing Authority says, “NYCHA is committed to transparency and accountability. As part of NYCHA's NextGen plan, the Authority recently launched and enhanced our heat and hot water dashboard in an effort to provide our residents more accurate and reliable information. This dashboard will be updated at regular intervals throughout the day, providing accurate and expanded information, including the number of apartments and residents affected by an outage and the duration of the outage."

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