Beloved Shakespeare and Company Bookstore returns to NYC

NEW YORK — Big box stores like Barnes and Noble have been blamed for putting smaller mom and pop shops out of business years ago. In fact, its growth was blamed for the demise of the iconic Shakespeare and Company bookstore.

While it couldn't keep up with the competition then, they’re now making a comeback under new ownership.

Dane Neller took over Shakespeare and Company's last standing store in 2015 and began its rebirth if you will.

Now he has plans to open four new stores, a small kiosk near his existing 68th and Lexington Avenue location, a shop in Greenwich Village and the Upper West Side and even one in Philadelphia.

Neller hopes new technology like the "Espresso Book Machine" will help attract even more customers to his traditional bookshop.

In just 3-4 minutes, you have the inventory of Amazon at your fingertips, and this machine will print your very own paperback and even has the ability to customize.

“It feels particularly good to be part of a movement when we're reinventing ourselves and going into the digital age,” Neller said.