Police chase involving potential kidnapping suspect turns deadly in NJ

NORTH BERGEN, NJ — A man led officers on a chase through several New Jersey towns in a stolen car and then fatally shot himself after he rammed into a police car in North Bergen on Tuesday night, officials said.

Police believe the 20-year-old man may have kidnapped his girlfriend and taken off with her in a gray car in Jersey City.  Neighboring towns were on the lookout and North Bergen Police caught up with the man.

After he rammed into one of their cars, a woman jumped out, screaming hysterically, officials said. Police demanded the driver get out of the car, but moments later he apparently shot himself in the head.

The bullet left a hole in the driver's side window.

Nasson Najai was watching television when he heard everything happen and ran outside to see what was going on.

"The cops are yelling 'stop, get out of the car' and he doesn't get out of the car," Najai said."Then I hear a gunshot."

The woman who jumped out of the car is now being questioned by police. Officers are also talking to the driver of another car who may have been threatened by the now-deceased 20-year-old man.