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Howard sides with army vet in battle with NYC

NEW YORK — Nicole Steager is an army veteran, a young mom of two and a survivor of domestic abuse. She fled the town where she lived and took her kids to New York.

“I had to get away because of domestic violence," Steager said. "It was taking place in front of my children.”

She has a job and she served her country, but the departments of New York City government that are supposed to help her are doing just the opposite.

She had a Section 8 grant and found an apartment, but through no fault of her own, Steager's paperwork didn’t get done. Not only did she lose the apartment, but her Section 8 voucher expired. She lost the funding.

Steager came to me for help. I told the people at the Dept. of Homeless Services and others handling her case all about it. They couldn’t provide a public response, citing privacy concerns.

What? Now they’re concerned about privacy for a woman and kids they’ve basically rendered homeless with their incompetence?

Since we got involved, Steager tells me the city has finally been back in touch. It offered a choice to go with Section 8 or transfer her case to to the New York City Housing Authority. Now she’ll try NYCHA. Steager expects to hear something this week. Let’s hope the city finally does right for a deserving young mom who served America.