Tens of thousands without power in NJ as a new storm is coming

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MAPLEWOOD, NJ — Gina Patterson and her family spent five days without power after the last nor'easter and there could be another one headed this way.

“I hope we don’t lose it again,” Patterson said.

The Pattersons lost power late Wednesday night in their Brook Lane home in Maplewood and spent days in the dark before hooking up a generator.
She had to throw out practically everything of her refrigerator.

“We have yogurt, fresh salmon, bread, cheese," Patterson said. "It’s all gotta go.”

So as PS&G crews worked on nearby Maryland Road to restore power after lots of big trees toppled the power lines, Paterson’s next door neighbor told PIX11 what it was like to live without heat for almost five days.

“Everything is cold. The sheets are cold. The rugs are cold. The walls seem to be cold,” Lauren Boyardjis, a neighbor, said. “Everything you touch is cold."

As Boyardjis was showing PIX11 the contents of her refrigerator that she was throwing out, voila, the moment she’d been waiting for: the power was restored.

“It’s a miracle,” Boyardjis said, crediting the presence of PIX11 with this miracle.

But residents in parts of Livingston are not so lucky, going into their fifth night without power and another storm heading their way.

“We just hope it comes back soon," resident Meng Hsio Ling said.

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