Foreigners think New York accents are sexy, survey says

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NEW YORK — The sounds of New York are bold and brash and definitely loud — but romantic?

Oh yes we are.

People from France and Italy, who actually speak the romance languages, say New York accents are the most seductive in the country.

New Yorkers beat out the southern drawl, Bostonian tone, and Midwestern modulation, according to a new study from the language app, Babbel, and Generator Hotels.

They spoke to hundreds of hostel workers across Europe, and 57 percent of French employees and 19 percent of those who are Italian enjoy the accents.

But for the Swedes? They’re not into it.They say New Yorkers have the least attractive accent.

Those not from romance speaking countries, especially the Irish, say it’s the southern accent that have the most sultry sound.

Then there are the German and the Spaniards — they beat to the sound of a different drum. For them, it’s a Bostonian brogue that really gets their heart racing.

What can we say — there’s an accent for every attraction!

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