Man follows women home, attempts to rob at knifepoint, police say

HOWELL, N.J. — New Jersey police arrested a 19-year-old after they say he stalked two women with the intent of robbing them at knifepoint.

Tristan Reyes, 19, was arrested and charged with armed robbery and stalking. (Howell Police Department)

Tristan Reyes, 19, was arrested following the investigation of two instances — one as recent as Thursday — where he allegedly stalked two women at various stores and followed them to their homes, with plans to rob them.

The first reported incident occurred on Feb. 24 when Reyes allegedly followed an 18-year-old out of her car into the Howell Shoprite, police said.

When the victim was on her way home, she noticed a van following her closely, which led her to make unnecessary turns to see if the car would follow, which it did, authorities said.

She pulled over to see what the vehicle would do next — the driver allegedly pulled over and shut off the car’s lights.

The woman called her father, and when they arrived near the home, Reyes sped off as the victim's father tried to confront him, said cops.

On Thursday, Reyes allegedly followed a woman, 38, to her Howell house. When the woman noticed, him in front of her neighbor's home, he left. Surveillance video shows the teen following her home and waiting outside a neighbor’s house before walking to her property, and running away at the sight of the woman’s dog, police said.

Investigation identified Reyes as the alleged stalker. He was taken into custody and charged with robbery, possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes, unlawful possession of a weapon and stalking.

Police have reason to believe they may have followed other women and are asking possible victims to come forward.