Thousands still without power in Westchester county following back-to-back nor’easters

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WESTCHESTER COUNTY — It's been more than a week since tens of thousands of Westchester residents and businesses were plunged into darkness.

Con Ed has said close to 200,000 customers had been without power this week following back-to-back nor'easters. Friday night, the number dipped below 8,000 outages in Westchester, but there is still outrage in the county.

"This is day eight and still no sign of Con Ed. No communication whatsoever in terms of any understanding of when we expect to see a crew here," Edgemont resident Lowell Strug said.

Con Ed has given Strug various power restoration deadlines and has failed to meet all of them.

"They have gone from giving us times that they don't meet to absolutely nothing whatsoever. And it's impossible to get a live person over at Con ed with any explanation."

Criticism for the utility is not only coming from fed up customers, but elected officials who say they aren't getting answers either.

Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner said, "Every time there is a major storm we are going to be going through the same thing unless we do something different," he said Friday.

Feiner has called on Con Ed to bury its power lines. Falling trees have created a majority of Westchester's electrical problems.

"It's definitely outdated technology," Feiner said.

Con Ed's CEO John McAvoy said the company has looked into it but, "It is extremely expensive, not only for the company but for the homeowners, because you have to change the point of entry into the house."

McAvoy said it would cost billions of dollars to do it.

Town Supervisor Feiner said federal, state, county and town governments, plus homeowners could all chip in.

"It's common sense, this is what they do around the world but they don't do it here in the United States. We are not a third world country."

Con Ed has promised those affected by last Friday's storm will have power by Sunday. People who lost electricity on Wednesday will have it back by Monday.

Con Ed has also said it will fix it's robo call problem. Many customers have gotten calls that their power is back, when it is not.

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