Dog walker from ‘Uber for dogs’ app loses New York couple’s Chihuahua

UPPER EAST SIDE, Manhattan — Anguished dog owners Nicole DiCarlo and Cody Hunt are doing everything they can to find their beloved Chihuahua Norman after a dog walker, hired through the popular app Wag, lost the pup.

Norman is a 4-year-old Chihuahua last seen near 90th Street and 5th Ave.

They have not seen their precious dog in a week.

The couple have used the app in the past with no problems. Last Friday, their regular walker was not available and they used a new walker. The Wag employee took both of the couple’s dogs - Norman and a terrier named Stanley, out in the evening.

“We got home at 11:30 p.m., both our dogs should’ve been home by then. We walked in and no one was there. And we immediately thought something’s going on,” Hunt said.

Turns out that during the walk, Norman escaped his harness and ran off.

“She told us she was crossing the street. Norman was trailing behind her and she felt a tug and then he was running out of his harness in the other direction. Norman usually leads us when we walk him and the fact that he was trailing behind her that says to me she was pulling on him to cross the street, pulling his harness hard enough that he could pull out of it and run the other direction,” Hunt told PIX11.

Wag prides themselves on being an on-demand service, seven days a week. Some call it the “Uber for pups.” On their website the company touts that it’s like having a trusted dog-loving neighbor or friend at your beck and call.

But this is not the first time a Wag walker has lost a dog.

In December, a Wag walker lost a dog in Brooklyn. Earlier this year, a dog in Long Island went missing for three weeks after running away from his Wag! dog sitter. Both dogs were eventually found and reunited with their families.

A Wag walker also lost a Brooklyn Chihuahua named Duckie in 2015, who was fatally struck by a car near Prospect Park.

“If someone has Norman, we really miss him, he is our family member and you need to call us and bring him home cause he belongs to us, he’s our baby and we miss him dearly,” DiCarlo said.

The walker who lost Norman has been suspended pending a full investigation, Wag told PIX11.