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Thousands without power in Westchester as another storm heads for tri-state area

As of Monday evening, there were tens of thousands of people in Westchester County still without power, according to utility companies who provide power in the area.

The storm is now being called one of the top five for power outages on record by Con Edison.

“This is a mess,” New Rochelle resident Paul Anderson, who lost power on Friday,  said.

He has been relying on a rented generator.

“There’s power one side of the road, the other side no power," he said.

A flew blocks away, in between dozens of downed trees and power lines, Julia Blanchard is going through the same thing.

“[I'm concerned] that the wires that are down all around my house are live and the street is not closed off and something else is gonna happen,” she said.

Westchester County is now under a state of emergency and The National Guard is on the ground helping county employees with the cleanup as utility crews work to restore power to homes, business and schools.

At a news conference in White Plains Monday morning, county Director of Operations Joan McDonald said help is available to anyone who needs it.

“There are many warming shelters in Westchester County, please reach out to your local municipality,” McDonald said.

Officials acknowledged the pace of repairs by utility companies, saying there will be a top to bottom review, but right now the priorities are to get everyone’s power up and running again and make sure the streets are safe.

Deputy County Executive Ken Jenkins, added, “when you have friends and family this is the time to reach out to them, go to places of worship, the encouragement here is, everyone’s working as hard as they can.”

While another storm is looming, many like Anderson are holding on to the NY attitude.

“Hang in there New York, we’ll make it through this and then they’ll be something else.”

The utility companies estimate 90 percent of the power will be restored by Tuesday night.