Homes remain dark across Westchester as power outages continue

WESTCHESTER COUNTY — The clock is ticking for Con Edison to clear trees and downed electrical wires. Tens of thousands of homes are without power in Westchester County following Friday's storm. And another storm is heading our way.

As homes remained dark Monday night across the county there were angry words coming the County Executive's office.

According to Joan McDonald, the county's director of operations, "We are outraged at both Con Edison and New York State Electric and Gas' slow and inadequate response."

The County Executive George Latimer has said his office has reached out to the Chair of the Public Service Commission to ask for an investigation into both utilities' response to the storm.

Armonk resident Brendan Molloy has been relying on a generator to keep the lights and heat on. He said Con Ed's response has been slow.

"The response is terrible. We are not being told anything," he said.

The La Quinta Inn in Armonk was fully booked Monday. James Contacessa has been there since Saturday.

"From what I hear now, I think we do have power. So I shall be leaving here shortly," he said.

One of the big problems for the small hamlet of Armonk, tress can't be cleared until Con Ed comes in and makes sure electrical wires are not live. Armonk is in the town of North Castle. It's covered in trees and above ground power lines.

Town Supervisor Michael Schiliro said more than 2000 residents remained without power 4 days after the storm.

"All we can do is continue to work with Con Ed, provide the restoration, and the goal is obviously to get every residence and business restored as quickly as we can," Schiliro said.

Some North Castle residents have been told they won't get power back until the end of the week. That's after the impending storm. Con Ed crews can't work in high wind.

Schiliro said he's optimistic all the trees and wires will be cleared in time for trucks to salt, sand and plow.

"Once we're ready to go, our guys will be out there," he said.

Con Ed said it has crews helping restore power from as far away as Cananda. And while the power utility is clearly working hard, there remains criticism in the county. People have complained they didn't position enough crews nearby before last Friday's storm.

The Westchester County Center will be open Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. for people who want warmth and entertainment for their kids.