More than 1,200 NYPD officers sign up for pension seminar citing low pay, sinking morale

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QUEENS VILLAGE — A record number of NYPD rank-and-file officers registered for a pension seminar, a sign according to the head of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, that they’re considering leaving the job due to low pay and sinking morale.

1,200 officers were expected Wednesday evening at Antun’s in Queens Village to learn more from pension experts at the information session.

“The danger here is 1,200 of our police officers eligible to retire are making the decision now so in the coming year, you’ll see our police officers packing it in,” said Pat Lynch, president of the PBA.

It speaks to the union’s contentious relationship Mayor Bill De Blasio.

“They don’t feel respected by City Hall we’re in contract negotiations where the city won’t negotiate realistically offering New York City police officers zero raises trying to take our health and pension benefits away,” said Lynch.

But critics say news of tonight’s pension seminar by the PBA is merely a bargaining tactic.

NYPD officers made national headlines when they turned their backs as de Blasio spoke at the funerals of Officer Wen-Jian Liu in January, 2015 and Officer Miosotis Familia in July, 2017. Both were killed in the line of duty.

“How do you bring up morale treat us like professionals treat us respectfully for the work we do and pay us like professionals so we don’t have our senior officers leaving and our younger police officers taking their training to other communities,” said Lynch.

There are 24,000 rank-and-file NYPD officers.

According to a survey of PBA members:

  • 92% believe support for police officers has decreased under Mayor de Blasio.
  • 89% said they would leave for a better paying job.

Just as troubling, 517 cops quit last year. They left even without receiving a pension.

The city's contract with the PBA expired in July.

PIX11 received the following statement tonight from Mayor de Blasio press secretary:

"New York City's officers are extraordinary, which is why their overall compensation is among the best in the country.”

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