Remembering the 1993 World Trade Center bombing 25 years later

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LOWER MANHATTAN — Twenty-five years ago, the World Trade Center was attacked for the first time, shaking New York City and the nation. The 1993 World Trade Center bombing killed six people, including a pregnant woman, and injured more than a thousand others.

On Feb. 26. 1993 at 12:18 pm, a 1,200-pound bomb exploded in an underground parking garage beneath the North Tower. The explosion caused power outages, stranding people in elevators and affecting communication systems. Smoke also began seeping through the towers, with some people on higher floors breaking windows to get air.

With the elevators not working, people began running down many tens of flights of stairs. Rescuers also arrived on the roof using helicopters to help, and the area outside of the Twin Towers became a makeshift triage center. Around 50,000 people were evacuated that day.

Investigators concluded that a small cell of terrorists was responsible for the attack. Police tracked down six Islamic extremists who were convicted. According to the FBI, a seventh plotter remains at large.

On the 25th anniversary, the six victims who lost their lives will be remembered at the World Trade Center. The remembrance will bring together survivors, family members and first responders.