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Help Me Howard: Two delays and a construction breakthrough

Every so often we want to go back and make sure stories we’ve reported haven’t changed.  And if they have, we want to tell you what’s up.

Earlier this month we told you about Lee Svorec’s problem with East Coast Toyota in Wood-Ridge, NJ.  He brought his truck in for servicing.  East Coast had an accident and cracked the front end, but never told him.  Fortunately, he had a camera inside that caught the whole thing.

I went over to the dealership with him. We worked out an arrangement for the dealership to reimburse Svorec $661. But then there was a snag.

When the dealership brought over his check, it wanted Svorec to sign an agreement that he wouldn’t pursue any other claims.  Svorec refused because he says the dealership also damaged his emergency brake.

So, I got back in touch with the dealership and the service manager said he’d try to work things out with Svorec.

We like when people try to do that.  Let’s hope they can do it.


We first heard from Victoria Roehling more than a year ago.  Hurricane Sandy destroyed her home in Broad Channel, Queens.  Since then she’s been going through her retirement funds living in an apartment while contractor Dennis Melandro takes his time rebuilding her place. And she’s already paid him more than $280,000!

After I got involved, Melandro responded by getting a lot of the work done. But Roehling says he still has about a week’s worth of work to go. And, in the meantime, he’s doing a lot on a house just two doors down from her!

Roehling would like to end this and pay Melandro any more money he’s due.  So, come on, Melandro. Let’s get this done.


A few days ago, we were in Howard Beach.  Sandy flooded out the block.  Frank Scarantino had his home fixed.  But the rebuild next door funded by city administered Build It Back is causing him big problems.  Every time it rains, water from next door floods his house and yard. His daughter, Frances, says she’s had no luck getting the builders to put up a retaining wall.

Maybe the builders saw our story.  Frances says after it aired Tishman Construction sent people to see her dad.  They promised to make things right and get the retaining wall up as soon as possible.

We’re glad to hear it and we’ll see what happens.  So, look for another update.