Cuts to school safety budget need to be stopped, Sen. Schumer says

NEW YORK — In the wake of the tragic Florida school shooting, Senator Chuck Schumer on Sunday warned the Trump administration about the dangers of its proposed budget cuts to school safety initiatives.

The proposal, released by President Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos just two days before 17 people were gunned down in a school, would cut $3.6 billion — about 5 percent — from the budget. Some of the cuts would target mental health aid for students.'

"Amidst the pages of ink, were a few pages that would raise eyebrows under any circumstances," Schumer said. "It's hard to believe."

The cuts would also eliminate the School Emergency Response to Violence Program, which has helped Newtown and other communities recover from trauma. Schumer said it would target about $425 million total for school safety and mental health programs.

"It gives kids a signal that we don't care about you," Schumer said.

He pledged Sunday to do everything he could to stop the cuts from making it to the final budget.

"School safety is one of the pillars of what the federal government should be supporting, and to know that we have a budget pieced together by the administration that undermines the duty of the Department of Education on so many levels, is nails on the chalkboard," he said.

PIX11 has reached out to the Education Department about the proposed budget.