Clerks fight off would-be robber inside liquor store

TULSA, Okla. — Of all the liquor stores in all of Oklahoma, a would-be robber chose the wrong one to mess with.

Heart-racing video capturing a shootout at Tulsa Liquor after a mother and daughter turned the tables on the armed attacker.

Tina Ring and her daughter, Ashley Lee, were on the clock when police say suspect, Tyrone Lee came in with a sawed off shotgun and demanded money.

At first, the two stay back and give the robber what he wants and he starts to leave.

He later returns and the mother and daughter grab their guns and fight.

“We could’ve just let him run out with the money. We could have let him go, but we locked the door. It could happen next week next month or next year it makes me very upset,” said the storeowner’s son Justin Christen.

The pair began shooting, but the suspect got a hold of the mother’s gun, and pistolwhips her with it.

The suspected robber, Tyone Lee was shot several times and was taken to the hospital, according to police.

Ring was treated at the scene.

Police believe Lee is also responsible for nine other robberies in the area.

**WARNING: Footage may be disturbing to some viewers.**