This drug could cure the flu in a day

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This flu season has been brutal – and deadly.

The CDC says at least 97-children have died from the virus since October. And experts say flu season could last till may.

But a drug just approved in Japan could cure the flu in just 24 hours. It’s called Xofluza, and the country is fast-tracking approving it.

Experts say the drug works faster than any other treatment including tamiflu, which needs to be taken for five days. This new drug? It would only take one pill to work and patients would be healed in a single day.

But drugmakers say it probably won’t be available in Japan before May, because insurance has not yet decided on a price for it.

The company says they will file for U.S. Approval this year, but doesn’t expect to hear before 2019.

And Johnson & Johnson is working on what they are calling the “holy grail.” it’s a universal flu vaccine that would prevent the need to be vaccinated year after year.

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