PIX11 nominated for 51 Emmy Awards

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PIX11, Tribune Broadcasting’s New York flagship television station is pleased to announce the station, and its site PIX11.com, have been nominated for a total of 51 Emmy® Awards by the New York Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. To date, PIX11 has won over 350 Emmy® Awards.

The New York Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences’ 61st Annual New York Emmy® Awards honor outstanding achievement in the television industry. NY NATAS’ 61st Annual New York Emmy® Award Ceremony will be held on April 14.

The following are PIX11’s 51 Emmy® Award nominations:

Morning Newscast: Larger Markets (1-49)

  • Massive Nor’easter Slams NYC. March 14, 2017. (WPIX-TV). Brynne Gadinis-Anstadt, Executive Producer; Kala Rama, Anchor/Reporter; Anthony DiLorenzo, Reporter; Amy Waldman, News Director

General Assignment Report

  • Farewell to Officer Familia. July 11, 2017. (WPIX-TV). Mary Murphy, Reporter
  • Detective Steven McDonald: Saint of the City. January 10, 2017. (WPIX-TV). Mary Murphy, Reporter/Producer

Continuing Coverage

  • Captured: Public Enemy Number One. September 17, 2016. (WPIX-TV). Brynne Gadinis-Anstadt, Executive Producer; Anthony DiLorenzo, Reporter; Kala Rama, Anchor/Reporter; Amy Waldman, News Director

Feature News Report: Light Series

  • Hidden New York. July 7, 2017. (WPIX-TV). Dan Mannarino, Anchor

Feature News Report

  • Buried Secrets. May 9, 2017. (WPIX-TV). Darren McQuade, Photojournalist; Eddie Lebron, Editor/Photographer

News Special

  • Unrest in America. January 29, 2017. (WPIX-TV). Zack Smith, Executive Producer

Arts: Program/Special

  • Broadway Profiles with Tamsen Fadal: And the Tony Goes To… May 27, 2017. (WPIX-TV). Tamsen Fadal, Executive Producer/Host; Keith Hurd, Producer; John Gore, Producer; Matt Hege, Executive Producer

Entertainment: News

  • Life After Death: The Notorious B. I. G. March 9, 2017. (PIX11.com). Ayana Harry, Reporter


  • Namaskate! March 23, 2017. (PIX11.com). Kimberly Pestalozzi, Producer; Eddie Lebron, Photographer/Editor


  • Wonderama. January 9, 2017. (WPIX-TV). Charles Armstrong, Executive Producer; Edward Bralower, Co-Producer; David Osmond, Executive Producer
  • Monica’s Making It Happen – We’ve Got Your Back! Fighting for the Teens of NY. September 17, 2016. (WPIX-TV). Monica Morales, Reporter/Producer


  • His Gloves Hide a Secret. July 21, 2017. (WPIX-TV). Mary Murphy, Reporter/Producer

Historical/Cultural: Program/Special

  • The Big Idea! September 10, 2016. (PIX11.com). Kimberly Pestalozzi, Executive Producer/Editor; Rolando Pujol, Executive Producer


  • Secret Life of Muslims. December 20, 2016. (WPIX-TV). Narmeen Choudhury, Reporter

Societal Concerns

  • Bail and Jail: How Pedro Hernandez’s Case Highlights an Inequality of Justice. November 28, 2016. (WPIX-TV). James Ford, Reporter/Producer


  • Celebrity Taste Makers with Jennifer Esposito. October 22, 2016. (WPIX-TV). Tony Monte, Creator/Executive Producer/Writer
  • Celebrity Taste Makers with John O’Hurley. June 10, 2017. (WPIX-TV). Tony Monte, Creator/Executive Producer/Writer

Nostalgia Program

  • No One Is Safe from Son of Sam. August 10, 2017. (PIX11.com). David Hyman, Creative Director
  • The Final Fight. December 12, 2016. (WPIX-TV). James Ford, Producer; Jay Dow, Producer; Mario Diaz, Producer

Public/Current/Community Affairs: Series

  • The Hooked Generation: Inside the Opioid Crisis. April 28, 2017. (WPIX-TV). Rebecca Millman, Executive Producer; Eddie Lebron, Lead Editor/Photographer; Mary Murphy, Reporter; Dan Mannarino, Reporter; Kirstin Cole, Reporter; Keith Lopez, Photographer; Ken Pelczar, Photographer/Editor; Tamsen Fadal, Host; Amy Waldman, News Director

Promotion: News Promo – Single Spot/Campaign

  • Mysteries of Hart Island. May 8, 2017. (WPIX-TV). David Hyman, Creative Director

Promotion: News Promo – Image

  • Mr G Runs. November 20, 2016. (WPIX-TV). David Hyman, Creative Director

Promotion: Program Promo – Single Spot/Campaign

  • PIX11 – Two Teams, One Station – New York’s Very Own Home for Baseball. February 16, 2017. (WPIX-TV). David Hyman, Creative Director

Promotion: Program Promo – Sports

  • Baseball: New York’s Very Own. April 7, 2017. (WPIX-TV). David Hyman, VP Creative Services

Promotion: Program Promo – Image

  • Not on Our Watch – Crime Watch Daily. December 19, 2016. (WPIX-TV). David Hyman, Creative Director

Journalistic Enterprise

  • Keith Lopez. February 13, 2017. (WPIX-TV).


  • 9/11: Fifteen Years Later. September 11, 2016. (WPIX-TV). David Hyman, SVP of Creative

Craft Specialty: Research

  • James Ford, Jay Dow, Mario Diaz. December 12, 2016. (WPIX-TV).

News Producer

  • Brynne Gadinis-Anstadt. September 30, 2016. (WPIX-TV).
  • Zack R. Smith. September 30, 2016. (WPIX-TV).

Talent: Anchor – News

  • Kala Rama. June 9, 2017. (WPIX-TV).
  • Scott Stanford. January 4, 2017. (WPIX-TV).
  • Tamsen Fadal. October 1, 2016. (WPIX-TV).
  • Kori Chambers. August 30, 2017. (WPIX-TV).

Talent: Anchor – Sports

  • Scott Stanford. June 15, 2017. (WPIX-TV).

Talent: Reporter – Features/Human Interest

  • Marvin Scott. December 6, 2016 (WPIX-TV).

Talent: Reporter – Live

  • Lisa Mateo, Tony Mazza, David Kimmel. January 2, 2017. (WPIX-TV).
  • Shirley Chan. September 12, 2016. (WPIX-TV).

Talent: Reporter – Political

  • Mario Diaz. September 1, 2016. (WPIX-TV).

Talent: Reporter – Specialty Assignment

  • Mary Murphy. November 11, 2016. (WPIX-TV).
  • Kirstin Cole. November 22, 2016. (WPIX-TV)

Talent: Reporter – Spot News

  • Mario Diaz. December 29, 2016. (WPIX-TV).
  • Myles Miller. January 29, 2017. (WPIX-TV).

Talent: Reporter – Sports

  • James Ford, Mario Diaz, Jay Dow. December 12, 2016. (WPIX-TV).

Talent: Commentator/Editorialist/Program Host/Moderator

  • Tamsen Fadal

Talent: Reporter – Transportation/Traffic

  • Greg Mocker

Photographer: News

  • Darren McQuade. September 27, 2016. (WPIX-TV).

Video Journalist

  • Darren McQuade. January 27, 2017. (WPIX-TV).

Writer: News

  • Mario Diaz, Jay Dow, James Ford. December 16, 2016. (WPIX-TV).
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