Ballerina aspires to be an ambassador for God in the dance world

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MIDTOWN, Manhattan — In our continuing series, City of Dreams, PIX11 profiles an aspiring ballerina who has a dream unlike most others.

Sometimes people have a first name that suits them perfectly. Such is the case for 18-year-old Grace Robson, who is both graceful and full of grace.

“My dream is to be an ambassador for God in the dance world," Robson said.

She won a scholarship for the American Ballet Theatre Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School two years ago. Robson dances five hours a day six days a week and also takes classes for her master’s in dance pedagogy at NYU.

“There is total freedom in dance. You can express so much more without words,” she said.

When she suffered a torn ligament a few years ago, she found a new purpose in her dancing.

“God kind of changed my life a few years back. He healed me of my injury," she said.

ABT artistic director Cynthia Harvey, a world famous ballet dancer herself, believes Robson has it all.

“She’s a very special girl. She has an openness and a serenity. She does this for herself and she loves performing,” she said.

ABT students, Grace included, are auditioning for major ballet companies around the world. But this ballerina wants to make a leap onto a different stage in life.

“I want to teach movement in the Middle East. I want to teach the joy of movement there,” she said.

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