Wearing saggy pants could be illegal in one state

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Pull them up or pay up.

South Carolina lawmakers want to ban people from wearing saggy pants in public.  House Bill 4957 would make it illegal for a person to expose their skin or underwear by wearing their pants "three inches below the crest of his ileum" – that's the top of the hips.

Though the bill uses the word "his," Rep. Wendell Gilliard told WCIV-TV that the rule would also apply to women who wear “pants down by their ankles or below the waist.”

Violatars wouldn't be considered criminal or delinquent, but they could have to pay fines and do community service. A first time offender would ow up to $25. Someone who's let his or her pants sag twice would face a civil fine of $50, up to three hours of community service, or both. Three time offenders would face a $75 fine, up to six hours of community service or both.

Critics say the bill seems designed to target minorities. Sponsor Rep. Joe Jefferson disagreed.

"It's no more than a warning to allow these fellas to be more responsible," Jefferson told WLTX-19. "It is not just targeting African-American men. I see men of all races walking around with this same problem. It is just disingenuous, we should not have this. There ought to be a better way."

Many PIX11 viewers seem supportive of the idea and would like to see it brought to New York.

"It should be in every state," Tricia Mattingly commented on a Facebook live discussing the issue.

Others thought lawmakers should turn their focus elsewhere.

"It's not the government's job to say how someone should or shouldn't dress," Tanya Ortanya commented.

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