Warm weather brings record highs to NYC area

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It’s hard to believe it snowed Saturday considering the New York area is experiencing record highs Tuesday.

As of 4:45 p.m., records that have been around since the 1940s were broken in Queens and Long Island. LaGuardia reached 68, breaking a record of 63 from 1943.

Here’s some other record breakers, according to the National Weather Service:

  • JFK: 64, breaks¬†previous record of 61 in 1949
  • Islip:¬†64, breaks previous record of 62 in 2016
  • Bridgeport: 56, ties previous record of 54 in 1991

It’s expected to be even warmer on Wednesday. Expect temperatures near 70 in New York City and in the 60s in the suburbs.

The warm weather won’t last for too long, the week will close out with a cold front moving in. It will bring back seasonable temperatures. Expect temperatures in the 50s on Thursday and in the 40s on Friday.

It is also much colder than usual in California, the weather there is more like what someone would expect from New York in February.

“Very cold in the west, with freeze warnings for most of the CA lowlands, and snow to sea-level in northwestern CA; and heavy mtn snows throughout the west. This whole storm will bring significant snow, ice, and rain to the central U.S. early to mid-week; and big warming east,” the National Weather Service tweeted.

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