New Jersey boxer fighting his way to the top

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NEW JERSEY — He's known as Venom — and the 27-year-old, pro-boxer from New Milford, N.J. is gearing up for a big fight in Atlantic City this weekend.

“If I win this, I could really start making that next step in my boxing career,” Darren Venom Goodall said.

Winning this weekend means he’ll qualify to compete for the U.S. Boxing Federation title in Paramus, NJ this Spring.

He's been training at Venom Fitness in Wyckoff, N.J., a gym he founded three years ago.

Goodall said his boxing days began at age seven, after being bullied.

"My parents just wanted to make sure I knew how to defend myself and be ready for the crazy things that are out there in the world," Goodall said.

He got pointers from his dad.

"My father had me boxing in the living room, we wrestled, he wanted to make sure I could defend myself," Goodall said.

Venom has been training ever since and says dieting, discipline and conditioning has been key.

“I turned pro in 2015, I’m 5 and 0 with four knockouts,” he said Monday night.

“Everyone knows me for my speed.”

And he’s got a powerful punch.

“I’ve been knocking people out first and second round,” he added.

“The first guy I fought was actually a MMA world champion and on my pro debut I knocked him about in about 45 seconds in the first round.”

His family motivates him, his mom is with him at every fight.

The boxer and businessman wants to go straight to the top, and plans on doing it one knockout at a time.

“I wanna become a world champion, it takes a lot but I’m willing to do what it takes to get to that level."

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