‘Illegal driveways’ built in Brooklyn neighborhood block drivers from parking on streets

BENSONHURST, Brooklyn —Brooklyn drivers are being forced to circle blocks in search of parking because some residents have paved illegal driveways in front of their homes, limiting people's ability to park on the street.

City regulations are vague and do little to dissuade homeowners from creating the illegal driveways. The problem is so bad, that here 79th Street between 19th and 20th Avenues, the Department of Buildings says there are at least 18 illegal driveways.

It's made it incredibly difficult for Bensonhurst resident Zena Ali to find a spot for her car.

"I've literally looked for parking for over an hour and a half and then parked it on a meter and had to move it in the morning," Ali said.

Some car owners have been ticketed for parking in front of driveways, even though the driveways are illegal.

The city tried to tackle the issue back in 2009.  But with the problem picking back up, people in Bensonhurst say it's time lawmakers circled back around to the issue.

"Well I think every driveway should be checked," Ali said. " Because it is not fair for us to look for parking for an hour and a half every night.  So, I think that should be checked."