Long Island man impersonated police, had illegal guns, police say

RONKONKOMA, L.I. — A man was arrested Thursday for impersonating a police officer on Long Island.

Justin Conte, 43, was taken into custody after two plain-clothed officers found him sitting in his car in a Clarion Hotel parking lot on Veterans Memorial Highway.

According to police, the officers noticed smoke coming from the car and approached the vehicle to investigate.

They smelled marijuana and noticed Conte was wearing a police badge, which he admitted was fake, police said.

An expandable baton and a fake police chief placard were recovered during the investigation.

After taking Conte into custody, officials found he had a valid pistol permit with three weapons — officers went to retrieve the weapons and found three illegal guns, including two AR-15 rifles, and a 38-caliber revolver. Other types of police equipment were found.

Conte was charged with criminal impersonation, criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of marijuana and criminal possession of a firearm.